Eating Disorders Overview

Centre Syracuse is a leading edge psychologically based therapeutic day program located in Central New York specifically designed for the treatment of eating disorders. Our multidisciplinary team of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa experts address these complex eating disorders with comprehensive and consistent care in a non-institutional, safe and respectful setting. By incorporating evidence-based practices into each individual’s treatment plan Centre Syracuse provides the life-changing clinical services and educational therapies.

Because Centre Syracuse is a day treatment program our participants return home in the evenings and maintain important links to their family and their community. This allows them to practice new skills that promote confidence and independence. If home is too far away for you to return to in the evening and on weekends then you may benefit from our furnished apartment offering you respite as you receive treatment.

Does someone you know have an eating disorder?

If they did, would you know? It's important to know that eating disorders are serious and could be fatal, but they can also be treated.

However if we are not aware of the warning signs, symptoms and manifestations of the disease too many people may suffer needlessly.